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At GORDON LEGAL, P.C., we provide the following legal services.

Holdover Proceedings

A holdover case is brought to evict a tenant or a person in the apartment who is not a tenant for reasons other than simple nonpayment of rent.

Nonpayment Proceedings

nonpayment case is brought by the landlord to collect unpaid rent. A tenant may be evicted for non-payment of rent.

Repairs Enforcement

A case against the landlord to force the landlord to make repairs and correct building violations.

Tenant Harassment

Tenant initiated cases in Housing Court based on a claim of harassment.

Illegal Apartments

Landlords and homeowners cannot collect rent for apartment spaces that should not be used for housing living purposes.

Illegal Lockouts

An illegal lockout case is brought by a tenant or occupant to be restored to possession after being illegally locked-out of their apartment without a court order.

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Tenant Defense Lawyer


Gordon Legal's founder and principal attorney Steven Ben Gordon is dedicated to defending tenants in housing court.

Clients benefit from working with Gordon by having someone in their corner who is willing to go to bat for them. Gordon explains the housing court process to clients in a straightforward easy to understand manner and answers client questions compassionately to put their fears to rest.

Gordon takes on the tough summary proceeding eviction cases and does not shy away from engaging in housing court ligation battles.

If you want someone who will back you up, tell you how it is, present the facts, and help you through an extremely stressful time, that someone is tenant defense attorney Steven Ben Gordon.

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